Will Massage Help After Falling on Ice?

                    Starting her morning, she never suspected,
                    she’d be swept off her feet – and quite unexpected.
                    She hurried outside and turned acrobat,
                    when she slipped on the ice – it laid her quite flat.

 A Fall on the Ice

Picture of an icy sidewalk for Massage Therapy & Wellness Center's blog "Will Massage Help after Falling on Ice?"

Walk at Your Own Risk!

While walking across the parking lot on the way to work a couple of weeks ago, I had to be careful because there was fresh slush where the plow truck dropped salt. Beyond the slush was black ice. I was thinking about getting in the office to call a co-worker who I knew would be in next. I wanted to warn her about  . . . WHAM! I hit the ice and landed on my right elbow and hip.

I was stunned and numb from the experience. My right elbow was scrapped and bleeding – even though I was wearing a sweater and thick winter coat. The bruise on my hip was so deep that it wouldn’t appear for a couple of days. My biggest concern was my right shoulder. I felt the impact there as soon as I hit the ice. Though sore, I was able to move it in all directions.

I was able to make it through a full day of massage appointments without a lot of discomfort, thanks to aspirin. It wasn’t until the next morning that I realized the impact of that fall left my neck, shoulders and upper back between my shoulder blades tight and sore also.

Patsi, my business partner, was able to give me a massage the morning after falling on ice. She focused on my injuries. I felt better right away. As the day went on, I continued to feel better. The pain and tightness I woke up with was gone. My elbow and hip were sore to touch. My shoulder took a few more days before I could move it without some discomfort.

When Should I Get Massage after Falling on Ice?

The first stop after a serious fall is urgent care or the emergency department. Since nobody except Superman is gifted with x-ray vision, an examination by a physician will determine if further evaluation and treatment is necessary. Please do not skip this step if you have trouble moving, have a lot of swelling, find that over-the-counter pain medicine does not help your discomfort, if you are elderly, had a severe fall, or are too stubborn to pay attention to yourself wondering if you broke or tore something.

A massage may be helpful within a day of two of your fall if, like me, you find you are sore in more places than the points of impact.  Additional visits to your chiropractor, in addition to massage, may ease the discomforts caused by your body being jarred by the impact of a fall.

If your injury is severe and you need a cast, surgery and/or physical therapy, massage may still be helpful after medical treatment and during physical therapy. We have many clients who come for massage to help them be more comfortable and successful during their physical therapy sessions.

Call for an Appointment

Please call 219 879-5722 if you have questions or want to schedule an appointment for massage after a fall on ice. We will also be happy to see you even if you didn’t fall on ice!


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