Why 2 Bloggers?

Patsi Gately and I have been business partners since 1997. We have worked side-by-side over the years to create many programs, services and teaching materials. At this time, Patsi has many family responsibilities and our time of working closely together is limited.

I will be doing much of the blogging. When possible, Patsi will blog about areas of her expertise, including: treatment of acute injuries, migraine headache, infant massage, pregnancy massage, stress management, lifestyle issues and soreness of all kinds.

Patsi is a former teacher and has done lots of work with children. She is a great listener who can size up a situation and give it back to you in a way you have never considered. Her writing style is lyrical, poetic and poignant. When we used to co-present stress management programs, my job was to get people up, moving (literally) and laughing. Then Patsi would deliver a message in a quiet voice that sometimes had people in tears because it felt so deeply personal – just for them.

My writing style is from the perspective of being a nurse and former competitive athlete. Sometimes I am very formal; other times I am chatty and use humor – at least I think it is humor – to make a point. I will be writing on a variety of massage therapy and wellness-related topics.

The combination of our skills and knowledge has provided our community with offerings that neither of us could have done as well separately. Even though we share a common vision and goals for our center, we have different ways of expressing them – you’ll see.

The bottom of each blog will be signed by the author. Occasionally, a blog may be written by both of us.

The reason for 2 bloggers? More for you.