Where to Start When You are in Pain

Often a person may feel massage is a perfect solution to the acute or chronic pain they are experiencing. While massage in many instances can help alleviate soreness, there are definitely times that seeing your family practice physician, chiropractor, acupuncturist, or even ER physician is the best first choice:

  • When a person has a traumatic injury from falls, motor vehicle accidents, sports or other injuries, it is necessary to have a physician evaluate and treat the injuries. Massage therapy can be extremely helpful in the healing process once a physician has evaluated and treated injuries that could involve broken bones or damage to nerves, internal organs, or joints.
  • If a person with no history of significant headaches has a severe headache of sudden onset, an ER visit is in order.
  • Chest pain. See “Does massage therapy help relieve chest pains?
  • Sprains and strains can be helped immensely by massage, but often it is wiser to wait a day or two to let the swelling subside. Rest, ice, elevation, and compression, if necessary, are the best first approaches. Massage can begin after a medical evaluation that may include x-rays and assessment for more serious complications.
  • Nerve pain (often sharp in nature), numbness, and tingling should be evaluated by your physician or chiropractor to rule out pinched nerves, disc herniation, subluxations, or stroke.
  • Pain accompanied by nausea, fever, headache or other symptoms needs medical evaluation.
  • A fall that results in pain, or symptoms of numbness, tingling, shortness of breath, disorientation, trauma to the head, chest pain, inability to walk – all need medical evaluation.

People have called the Massage Therapy & Wellness Center to get in for massage after each of the problems mentioned – that’s why this list is here. A good medical evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment may be the best initial choice for a number of problems. When receiving medical care, it is always best to ask your physician if it is okay to receive massage.

Massage and Pain Management

After giving a few thousand massages, coupled with participating in several advanced therapy classes, we have the knowledge and skills to dramatically help many of our clients who come to us with painful conditions. We listen, evaluate, treat, assess response to treatment, and work with our clients to determine the best course of action. We may have home-care suggestions that could include stretches, use of heat or ice, dietary changes, things to avoid – or follow-up treatment with additional massage. When needed, we refer to, or work in conjunction with other health professionals to help you heal.

Call Us

If you are not sure where to begin when you are in pain, you may contact us at the Massage Therapy & Wellness Center at 219-879-5722. We will be happy to discuss your condition with you to help you determine whether massage – or a visit to another healthcare professional is the best place to start. Most often, you will know after one massage session whether or not massage therapy is helpful for your condition.