Sports Massage

We have a saying in the office that “there is no massage emergency like a golfer with a tee time!” We understand that whether you have an upcoming sporting competition or are committed to an exercise regimen that you want to be as comfortable as possible so you can focus on your goals.

When is the best time to have a sports massage?

It is fine to have massage to get your muscles ready for a sporting event, but we recommend that therapeutic and/or deep tissue massage not be done for 3-4 days before your event. That way your body is not having to adjust to changes from massage during a time you need to be competitive.

When you experience injury, we work closely with you and any other health professionals you are also seeing, including your physician, physical therapist, chiropractor or acupuncturist.

You may want to consider monthly massage as an important addition to your fitness regimen. Be sure to call us for a massage appointment so we can help you with sore muslces after a big workout or competition.


For questions or to schedule an appointment, please call the Massage Therapy & Wellness Center at 219-879-5722.