Pet Massage

Pet massage can be used effectively to calm and relax your pet, as well as relieve painful, tense muscles and improve circulation. Pet massage, combined with assistance from veterinarians and/or trainers, can be helpful in addressing behavioral problems. Massage can often enhance natural healing processes to speed recovery from wounds and injuries. Even animals at the end of their lives respond well to touch; they seem to have less pain and a better quality of life, especially when you can use techniques we teach you during your pet’s appointment.

At the Massage Therapy & Wellness Center, we have many years of experience with dogs and cats as well as some more exotic animals. In addition, we have pets of our own who happen to love massage.

We recognize the importance of the bond between you and your pet and like to have you present during the massage, if possible. That way, your pet can be at ease and you can observe, ask questions, and learn techniques specific to your animal’s needs.

Massage is usually performed in your pet’s environment. To schedule an appointment, please call us at 219-879-5722.