Infant Massage

Picture of a one-month-old smiling baby ready for infant massage at the Massage Therapy & Wellness Center

Learn how to help turn your fussy baby into a happy and  smiley baby!

Infant massage is an ancient method for calming babies and helping them feel at ease in her environment. Infant massage at the Massage Therapy & Wellness Center is taught by Patsi Gately, a certified Baby’s First Massage practitioner. Patsi teaches in individual infant-parent(s) sessions while your baby receives a wonderful massage.

Massage for your baby can promote deeper, restful sleep, aid in digestion, and relieve colic or constipation. The most important consideration is the joy you and your child experience as you share this special time. Massage can help increase bonding, love, and trust between you, your baby and the rest of your family.


You may call us at 219-879-5722 to schedule a massage for your baby. Both parents are welcome.