Does massage therapy help relieve chest pains?

Your first stop should be to the emergency department, urgent care or family physician when the issue is chest pain. Often, people say they are embarrassed that they went to the emergency department with chest pains and find out after several tests their pain is “only muscular.” When severe enough, tight chest muscles can feel like a heart attack. No emergency department physician is going to yell at someone whose chest pain is diagnosed as muscular. This is one of those instances when “better safe than sorry” applies!

If the physician tells you the cause of your chest pain is muscular, give us a call at 219-879-5722. We find that effective treatment of muscular causes of chest pain can greatly ease the discomfort. When we work with you, we may find tight, tender muscles in the chest, along your sides, ribs and even abdomen. We also talk to you about the action or activities that contributed to your chest pain and suggest things you can do to help avoid future episodes of discomfort.

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