Should I have massage if I am sick?

Please call and cancel your massage appointment if you suspect you have the flu, have a fever, are nauseated and/or vomiting, have diarrhea, are experiencing abdominal discomfort or pain, have a rash or other symptoms that are contagious or require a medical evaluation.

We certainly don’t want to make you feel worse giving massage when you should be home resting or be in the doctor’s office getting appropriate treatment.

Please be considerate of your therapist if you are ill. We do not want to catch a contagious illness that would deprive us of the opportunity to earn an income. Massage therapists don’t get paid when they have to take sick days.

If you have questions about whether or not you should have a massage with the symptoms you are experiencing, please call us at 219-879-5722 before showing up for a massage.

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