Maintenance Massage

It is not unusual for us to receive an urgent call from someone who is in pain because of something they did, whether it was lifting something too heavy, overdoing a sport or sitting at a computer too long. When a client seems to call us a few time a year for massage because they are sore from something they have been doing, we may recommend what we call “maintenance massage.”

Maintenance massage simply means scheduling massages on a regular basis to prevent getting so tight and sore that you “need a massage right now!” Sometimes when you try to get in for an appointment as soon as possible, that means you may have to wait longer than you want to for an opening or take an appointment that isn’t an ideal time for you – but you take it anyway because you are so uncomfortable.

Why Maintenance Massage?

Beside the fact that massage feels good, there are other reasons to consider getting yourself on a regular schedule for massage:

  • If you are not able to change a job or lifestyle that leaves you with tight or sore muscles, then it is likely you are going to continue to experience the same discomforts that bring you to massage in the first place.
  •  Massage is relaxing and helps ease your response to everyday stressful situations.
  •  As you become aware of how much better you feel after massage, you may start to notice what it is that causes the discomfort in the first place. It is then that you can look for solutions that will help you minimize the wear and tear on your body.
  •  Muscle tightness and stress will be addressed on a regular basis and you will feel better.
  • You have something to look forward to because you know when your next massage is scheduled.
  • You can get the appointment you want because you scheduled it ahead of time.
  • You can go from feeling like this  . . .

Close-up picture of a woman with a frowny face who doesn't get maintenance massage at the Massage Therapy & Wellness Center

to feeling like this – on a regular basis!

Close--up of smiley woman who gets maintenance massage at the Massage Therapy & Wellness Center

Get Started Today

The best way to schedule “maintenance massage” is to figure out what is best for you – whether it be weekly, every 2 weeks, once a month, or every time the seasons change (every 3 months) – then schedule the first 2 or 3 massages so you can get appointments at your preferred dates and times.

Put yourself on the road to feeling better. Call us at 219 879-5722 to schedule a massage or a series of massages.


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