Do you have children who are massage clients?

Besides providing Infant Massage, we have children and teenagers who come to our center for a variety of reasons: they have “always wanted a massage,” a parent or grandparent wants them to have a massage as a present or they see us for other, more serious reasons. Many children and teenagers carry backpacks which are far too heavy for their growing bones to support. They often have sore neck and back muscles because of the loads they are required to carry to and from school. Children can have migraine headaches as severe as those adults experience. We can help them manage their pain. Many young athletes come to see us so we can help them improve performance or recover from injuries. In this increasingly stressful world, we see many children who feel the effects of stress. A massage or two can do wonders. Children typically recover from injuries, pain and stress more quickly than adults. It is a joy to be able to help them.

Young children should be accompanied by a parent or other relative during massage. Teenagers may want a parent nearby, but not in the room. It is okay if the child/teenager prefers to receive massage fully clothed. Whatever the situation, we will work with the child and parent to make the visit with us as comfortable as possible.

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