Your Body as a Vehicle

The body is the only means by which the soul manifests itself.


“Your body as a vehicle” is an appropriate starting point for our first blog. Self-responsibility is a major theme in what we teach and share about living life as well as possible in the body we have. Regardless of your level of health, there are lifestyle changes that can improve how you feel and function as you move through life.

For example, a top level athlete and an old granny with arthritis and asthma can have much in common – with better behaviors and habits, improvements can be made to enhance performance, health and well-being. For the athlete, it may be getting enough sleep and better nutrition. For the grandma, it could be participating in gentle exercise and quitting smoking.

Although it is not the whole of “you,” your body is the vehicle through which you perceive the world and through which you express yourself. Each of us is given the wisdom to understand how to maintain the body in good health.

Often we override that wisdom because of the pressures of work, home or other commitments. Too often, people know long before an illness is full-blown that they needed to rest or make changes in their routine to avoid the illness. Sometimes a small ache can become a chronic pain because signals the body gives as a reminder that something needs attention are ignored. Good judgment may be put aside when deadlines have to be met or commitments need to be addressed. If we were able to more fully attune to what the body is saying to us and appreciate the wonder of all the body is capable of doing for itself, perhaps we wouldn’t ignore its simple early warning signs.

It is important to listen to your body so you can care for yourself and bring the whole of your “Self” to everything you do. Taking care of yourself is not being self-centered or selfish. It is really just being responsible and responsive to the needs of the mind, body and spirit. When you take care of yourself, you have the energy and wherewithal to be responsive to those around you.

~ Phyllis and Patsi