Massage – A Comfort During Winter

Massage During Winter

Picture of snowy day with no sunshine.

I can’t tell you how many times after massage our clients have said things like, “Can’t I just spend the night here?” or “You can’t make me get up.” or “I am too comfortable [or too relaxed] to get dressed.” or “Tell your next client too bad – I’m not leaving this table.”

We offer to wake people in the morning or ask if they would like lunch delivered, but so far everyone has gotten off the table – even if reluctantly.

It is no wonder people “offer” to stay on the massage table. We have a nice table warmer that we use during cold weather that makes lying on the table even more enticing.

Picture of a hot cabbie used to keep hot packs at a comfortable temperature during massage at the Massage Therapy & Wellness Center.The addition this year of a new cabinet that keeps hot packs at a perfect temperature is nice for clients who have tight muscles; we can easily grab a hot pack and incorporate more warmth into a massage.

Top the warmth with soft music and gentle lighting and you have a room designed for relaxation. As one of our clients described how a comfortable, warm massage feels on a winter day, “You enjoy your massage as your relaxation deepens . . . you don’t feel like you are in heaven – you are in heaven!”

Winter is a perfect time for massage. It gets you out of the house, gives you something to look forward to, helps relieve stiff, sore muscles, and is relaxing. In addition, the high-quality massage gel we use helps treat and soothe the dry skin that is an unfortunate effect of winter.

Schedule Your Winter Mini-Vacation

Massage is a perfect break from gray skies and seemingly endless cold days. Our schedules are typically more open during the cold months, so your likelihood of easily getting an appointment with Patsi or me is far better now than it will be in a couple of months. Give us a call at 219-879-5722 and we will find the right place in your schedule for a wonderful way to spend an hour away from winter.