Autumn Neck Pain

Each season seems to have its own reasons clients schedule appointments because of pain. In winter, people may call because they have been shoveling snow, are sore from skiing, have fallen on ice, or ache from inactivity. In spring, yard work and gardening are top reasons. Summer brings an increase in visits due to increased physical activity of all kinds, whether soreness is due to work projects, exercise, sports or travel.

Now that it is fall, we are seeing people who are sore from raking leaves and doing all the projects needed to winterize the yard and home for the cold weather ahead. People also tend to call at this time of year because of neck pain. They can be very specific about what the pain feels like, but sometimes they have no idea why the pain started.

One Common Cause of Neck Pain

As temperatures drop and winds are cool or downright cold, an unexposed neck can become a sore neck. Maybe it is because people tense neck muscles voluntarily in response to cold air or perhaps there is a physiological reaction of the skin, muscles and bones to cold air that starts an annoying achy neck. Regardless of the cause, a sore neck can cause lack of sleep and an uncomfortable neck with and without movement during the day. Here is an easy way to avoid one of the causes of autumn neck pain. To paraphrase one of Beyoncé’s songs:

“Put a Scarf on It”

Female and male models show how to help prevent neck pain. Female is wearing a scarf. Male has his jacket zipped up .Do yourself a favor. Pull out your winter scarves and start wearing them to help prevent neck pain. Zip your jacket. In other words, winterize yourself.

But I Didn’t Do That and Now I Hurt!

Give us a call at 219 879-5722. We will do our best to schedule you for a massage as soon as possible to help relieve your neck stiffness and soreness. Of course you can expect us to recommend that you wear a scarf and zip your jacket when it is chilly and windy outside.


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