Our Massage Therapists

Phyllis Baker RN, BSN, MA, CMT, LMT  

Picture of Phyllis Baker, massage therapist and co-owner of the Massage Therapy & Wellness Center of Michigan City, IndianaI have a lifelong fascination with the body and how it functions. I feel that all of what I have done professionally has been great preparation for me being able now to effectively help my clients with their stress, soreness and pain.

As a registered nurse and licensed and certified massage therapist, I have a diverse and interesting background.

In the nursing profession, I have been a medical/surgical charge nurse, psychiatric nurse, nurse practitioner, assistant director of nursing, inservice education director, director of a hospital-based wellness center, medical writer for Elsevier Publishing, school nurse and family health coordinator. My B.S. is in Nursing and my M.A. is in Wellness Administration.

Patsi Gately and I established and have co-owned the Massage Therapy & Wellness Center of Michigan since 1997. On a daily basis I use my experience, knowledge and skills as a massage therapist and nurse to help my clients with the challenging effects of stress and pain. My focus is treatment of pain of the neck, shoulder, back, hip and other areas of the body that may be caused by stress, injury or overuse.

It gives me great satisfaction when clients tell me they were able to go back to work, resume a sport or pick up a grandchild because of my work. My goal – and that of our center – is to help people keep going.

For fun, I enjoy outdoor activities, taking pictures, participating in improvisation classes and having a good time with family and friends.

Patsi Gately MA, CMT, LMT

Patsi Gately, massage therapist and co-owner of the Massage Therapy & Wellness Center of Michigan City, IndianaAs a certified massage therapist with specialization in pain management, I see particular success among people with migraine headaches, fibromyalgia, TMJ and soreness caused by illness and injury.

I work individually with parents in my role as a certified Baby’s First Massage Practitioner. I assist mom and dad in bonding with their baby and offer tools to bring confidence and competency to the parenting experience.

My other areas of interest and expertise include administration, program development, energy work, centering and meditation, environmental healing and working with animals.

Over the years, I have co-facilitated with Phyllis Baker a cancer support group and also co-created and taught TurningPoints, a stress reduction program tailored to help participants manage crises and the challenges of everyday life.

I am a gardener and enjoy working with my plant, bee and butterfly friends to create an atmosphere of welcome in my home.