Experience Counts When it’s YOUR Stress or Pain

Your time at the Massage Therapy & Wellness Center can leave you feeling like you are floating on a cloud or bring you welcome relief from pain and physical discomfort caused by stress, injury and overuse.

If pain or soreness are making it tough to get a good night’s sleep or get in the way of your daily routine, you want relief now! When life is difficult because of responsibilities or worries, you may need some time-out-of-time to relax and refresh yourself. Whatever your priority, you’ll find that your appointment will be scheduled in a way that helps you get in as soon and conveniently as possible.

At our center, you can expect to be treated with expert care that will help make your visit simply the best hour of the week!

Massage Therapy Services

Are you sore or in pain? You may be best helped by Therapeutic Massage. We receive many questions about Deep Tissue Massage, so you will find a lot of information throughout our website about how to use this approach during therapy sessions.

Want to enhance athletic performance or relieve sore muscles after a workout or sporting event? Consider Sports Massage.

Need relief from sore, tired feet? Try Foot Therapy Massage.

Relief from Stress

Did you ever wish you could slow down and take some time to let your body recharge? Relaxing Massage for stress relief is a great remedy – and you have come to the right place!

Wouldn’t it be nice to hit the pause button for relief from stress? Here is a free, effective stress management tool called the Peaceful Pause.

Relaxing Chair Massage provided by professional massage therapists can help bring new life to your employees.

Pregnancy and Infant Massage

Are you having back pain because you are just SO PREGNANT? Pregnancy Massage is designed to ease discomforts of your pregnancy.

Is your baby fussy with colic or constipation? Whether you want to help your baby feel better when uncomfortable or you wish to strengthen the parent/infant bond, ask for a private Infant Massage session with certified Baby’s First Massage practitioner, Patsi Gately.

Picture of part of a small lamp on left and an empty carafe with strawberry-shaped glass top on right at the Massage Therapy & Wellness Center

Massage Therapy Appointments

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